A rollout doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no button to push. It’s a process, not an event. It takes a little bit of time, but that’s because you’re building something that lasts. Best of all, it’s the beginning of something amazing for the people in your church.

Realm has something for everyone in your church and provides modern ways to stay connected as a church family.  Everyone in your church can deepen their involvement and build stronger relationships using the mobile app.

Each brief video covers a specific set of things you can do in the mobile app.

Realm is changing how churches view the role of technology in ministry. It’s not geeky or complicated. It’s approachable, useful, and a part of everyday life. It’s on the screens you normally use and available whenever you need it.

Realm puts your most important ministry responsibilities all under one roof. It’s one place to perform your administration and community tasks. It’s one place where everyone can sign in. And it’s the one place your church can stay informed, connected, and focused on multiplying your ministry.